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The social pocket tools are based on current research in aging and were created over the past six years by interdisciplinary teams of NICE.

CAREGIVING – The Caregiving Team developed tools aimed at health care practitioners and for “informal” support providers.  This includes the ‘CSC: Caregiver Self-Care ‘, ‘Who You Should Consult’, ‘ and ‘Driving Cessation: DCI’ tools.

DEMENTIA CARE – The Dementia Care Team worked on dementia screening tools, and tools for caregivers, such as the ‘Early Onset Dementia: Advice for Couples’ and ‘When Dementia is in the House: Advice for Parents’.

ELDER ABUSE – The Elder Abuse Team worked on tools around the detection and prevention of elder abuse.  This includes the ‘Elder Abuse Suspicion Index; EASI’ and the “Caregiver Abuse Screen, CASE’.

END-OF-LIFE ISSUES – The End-of-Life Issues Theme Team developed tools to help support health care practitioners and family and friends in the care of a dying person.  This includes the “Capacity and Consent (Ontario)” tool, as well as the “What to Expect when Someone Close to You is Dying” informational brochure.

ETHNICITY AND AGING – The Ethnicity and Aging Theme Team are developing tools to address issues of ethnicity and aging.

FINANCIAL LITERACY – The Financial Literacy Theme Team developed eight financial literacy pocket tools in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec to improve the financial literacy of older low-income Canadian women.

MENTAL HEALTH – The Mental Health Team developed tools related to the diagnosis/treatment of depression among seniors.  This includes the ‘Depression: Assessment and Treatment for Older Adults’ and the ‘Introduction to Older Adults and Substance Abuse’ tools.

LAW AND AGING – The Law and Aging Theme Team is working on tools to help support health care practitioners and family with legal issues.  Currently they are developing consent and capacity tools for British Columbia and other provinces.