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The aim of the Knowledge Mobilization Partnership for Older Adults (KMP-OA) is to evaluate the degree of uptake and utilization of paper and digital social pocket tools designed to help promote better aging as well as to gain an understanding of how they are being acquired and used by key stakeholders.

The tools were created by interdisciplinary teams in the last six years by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE). NICE, a national knowledge mobilization network of seniors, students, policy makers, academics and practitioners, developed the tools for family support (e.g., grandparenting), financial literacy (e.g., retirement income), legal issues (e.g., consent and capacity), ethnicity and aging (e.g., generational care burden) and elder abuse (e.g., internet scams) to create over 100 pocket tools that are used across Canada and internationally.

In 2012, the paper versions of the tools were digitized to increase their accessibility to the larger community.

There are few digital versions of paper pocket tools in aging that are used for knowledge mobilization.  A such, this project will increase our understanding of the role of digital tools in this process and, most importantly, show whether there are resulting changes in behaviour that would address the challenges of an aging population.

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