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The Knowledge Mobilization Partnership for Older Adults (KMP-OA) is a pan-Canadian research initiative funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.

With one in seven Canadians currently 65 years of age and over, it is important to know if knowledge about aging is reaching the hands of those who most need it and whether the information is used to the advantage of all Canadians. The purpose of this program of research is to evaluate the impact of a set of pocket tools in digital and paper formats that contain straightforward evidence-based information about the core challenges of aging.

The tools are based on current research in aging, and were created by interdisciplinary teams in the last six years by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE).  NICE, a national knowledge mobilization network of seniors, students, policy makers, academics and practitioners, developed over 80 pocket tools for

  • Family support (e.g., grandparenting)
  • Financial literacy (e.g., retirement income)
  • Elder abuse (e.g., detecting abuse)
  • Legal issues (e.g., consent and capacity)
  • Ethnicity and aging (e.g., generational care burden)


With our community partners, the goal of the KMP-OA is to  improve the care of older adults through a cheaper, simpler and more direct approach to placing valid and reliable gerontological information in the hands of those most likely to use the knowledge – older adults, caregivers, professionals and policy makers.

Title of the research grant proposal: Engaged Scholarship: Evaluation of Knowledge Mobilization for Older Adults in the Community

 Principal Investigator: Dr. Lynn McDonald